Action Alerts

Take two minutes to urge Congress to get this done.
Join Us and Tell Congress that the Tax Cut and Jobs Act is bad for children!
As a result of Hurricane Maria, more families are leaving Puerto Rico, in large part because they lack economic opportunities. In October alone, more than 67,000 ...
Over the past two years, through my FREEAMERICA initiative, I have traveled the country meeting with and learning from those impacted by the criminal ...
Medicaid action alert
This bill cuts Medicaid, the essential program that children, seniors, pregnant women, and people with disabilities rely on in my Texas community.
Governor Malloy proposed a budget that relies heavily on cuts to programs that serve families and children. Please call your legislators and URGE them to restore ...
Voices for Utah Children
Utah residents: Your state representative needs to hear from you about Healthy Utah!
raise the age
Governor Cuomo has already spearheaded numerous reforms to New York's - now is the time to take the next step and Raise the Age of criminal responsibility. Send a ...
ball and chain
Add your voice to tell the world that you believe in fair sentencing and want to see reform in the ways we hold children accountable when they commit serious crimes.
Join juvenile justice allies to support girls in the juvenile justice system as well as protecting all youth and promoting safe communities.
Make sure the Drug Free Communities program gets funded!
The Campaign for Youth Justice is circulating a sign-on letter calling on governors to implement new legislation protecting youth in adult prisons (PREA). Contact ...
Rally 4 Babies
Rally4Babies: Learning Happens from the Start was a national virtual baby rally to mobilize people across the country to demand that early learning investments begin ...
Show your support for the Pregnant and Parenting Students Access to Education Act, legislation aimed at improving graduation rates among secondary school students ...
YouthBuild needs more support in the FY14 budget - act today!
The Keeping Families Together campaign is fueled by the voices of immigrant families. Here are three ways you can get involved in their cool campaign.
Reclaim the American Dream for more than 37 million student loan borrowers: As Congress to support the Student Loan Fairness Act (H.R. 1330).
The Public Lands Service Corps Act of 2013 has received unprecedented support in both chambers of Congress. Here's how keep the momentum going.
Contact your congressional representatives and urge them to co-sponsor the Mental Health in Schools Act (S. 195, H.R. 628).
Sixto, age 6
A former foster youth is petitioning his home state of Connecticut provide foster kids with duffel bags, not trash bags, when they are moved from place to place.