Tell Your Members of Congress: Fully Renew Unemployment Insurance for 2012 - No Cuts, No Barriers to Benefits!

The Coalition on Human Needs, The National Unemployment Law Project
February 9, 2012

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Millions of hardworking Americans will be cut off from the emergency lifeline of federal unemployment insurance, unless Congress acts to fully renew the program before it expires at the end of February.

Congress has never cut back or allowed these programs to expire when unemployment was anywhere near this high for this long.

Yet, as a Congressional conference committee takes it up, House Republicans have pushed for drastic benefit cuts and harsh new requirements -- slashing federal unemployment insurance by more than half in the highest unemployment states, and stigmatizing jobless workers with mandatory drug testing.

Their plan would erect harmful new barriers to benefits, making it harder for ordinary Americans to access their unemployment insurance -- and force an early cut-off of UI for nearly 3 million Americans this year.

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Tell your Members of Congress: Reject Cuts and Harsh Barriers to Unemployment Insurance Benefits -- Fully Renew Unemployment Insurance Through 2012 Now! .

Equally wrong is the proposal to pay for the extension by reducing the number of poor working families who are able to claim the Child Tax Credit. The change would affect 5.5 million children in immigrant families earning an average of $21,000 per year, resulting in a loss of $1,800 in income. We can’t slash benefits or deny a tax credit to the poorest working families while the richest among us continue to receive billions in tax breaks. Click here for more information.

Tell your Representative and Senator(s) that Congress must act to fully renew unemployment insurance without denying the child tax credit to millions of working poor families-- no cuts, no barriers to benefits.

This is a crucial time for the Congressional conference committee that is supposed to work out a full-year renewal of federal unemployment insurance -- and every Member of the U.S. House and Senate needs to hear that message loud and clear.

The House Republicans' plan would:

•    Slash federal UI nationwide, and by more than half in the highest unemployment states
•    Cut off UI benefits prematurely to nearly 3 million Americans and their families
•    Allow mandatory drug testing of unemployment insurance claimants, stigmatizing jobless workers
•    Make jobless workers pay for their reemployment services
•    Deny benefits to those not fortunate enough to finish high school or GED
•    Let states reduce benefits and divert unemployment benefit funds to other uses
•    Pay for the payroll tax by reducing $1,800 away from the families of 5.5 million low-income children

Please call on Tuesday, February 14!  Call toll-free 888-245-3381 or use this Click-to-Call page to connect with your Members of Congress in the link below.

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