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What does rising student debt mean for first generation students?

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A noted researcher on why personalized outreach is the key to getting first-generation students into and through college.
colle student studying
What’s the role of ‘grit’ in helping first-generation students from low-income families succeed in college?
Physics class
A Cornell physics professor who was the first in his family to go to college shares some essential tips for first-gen students: starting with the advice to just show up.
A first-generation student finds a career at a community college helping others get on track to a fulfilling job of their own.
graduation hats
Why first-generation students should be more aggressive in pursuing opportunities once they arrive on campus.
graduation cap
An introduction to the First to Finish blog series, exploring the challenges of first-generation college students and how to make college accessible for everyone.
student handbook
First-generation student Samantha reflects on the support she had transitioning into college.
Often, the most successful first generation students enter college with a basic plan.
The Department of Education has been simplifying FAFSA and that has worked well, but there's another financial profile that asks more questions and costs money to fill out that many colleges require.

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